Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Skills-Based Call Routing

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is the heart of an inbound call center.

The system routes calls based on several factors, including:

  • Caller ID / ANI (automatic number identification) recognition
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) – toll free numbers, international toll free, universal international freephone numbers or a local number (DID / DDI)
  • Time-of-day
  • Parameters established in conjunction with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (e.g., press “one” for customer service, press “two” for sales, press “three” to reach a live operator).

AVOXI offers PBX-based ACDs that use traditional call routing schemes.  Agents are assigned to queues and the ACD takes incoming calls directly from customers – or from a predictive dialer – and routes them to the next available agent.  Call center solutions that use PBX-based ACD help increase agent productivity.

AVOXI also offers ACD as part of a comprehensive call center application that routes calls to agents based on their abilities or skill sets.

With skill-based routing, the call center server gathers information about the incoming call and uses it to determine the routing and treatment.  Behind the scenes, a call script looks at network information such as the ANI or DNIS and determines which information should be requested from the caller or pulled from customer records before the call is routed.  If additional information is required, an IVR treatment can be used to further qualify or identify the customers. Then the call is routed to the local or remote agent with the right skills to most efficiently handle the call.

Benefits of Skill-based Routing

  • Improved call resolution rates because calls are directed to the right agent the first time.
  • Faster call processing times as hand-offs and wait times are minimized.
  • Reduced costs per call.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through more knowledgeable and efficient service.
  • Increased number of calls handled without adding agents. This is achieved by shortening call duration which increases the numbers of calls agents can handle.

AVOXI can help you match the right call center solution to your business requirements and technology budget.

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