AVOXI Toll Free Numbers

AVOXI toll free numbers enable customers to reach companies for free, no matter where their physical location.

AVOXI toll free numbers can help build business anywhere in the world.

AVOXI Toll Free Numbers Overview

AVOXI toll free numbers are a cost-effective way to personally connect with customers in countries where you don’t have a physical presence.

AVOXI Toll Free Numbers – A Closer Look

AVOXI toll free numbers are individual country-specific numbers available from more than 100 countries. ITFS numbers are easily recognizable by the locals as numbers that are free of charge; so locals are more likely to call an AVOXI toll free number than a foreign number.

AVOXI Toll Free Numbers

AVOXI offers toll free numbers from more than 100 countries.

Some of the features of AVOXI toll free numbers include:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Toll Free Number Forwarding
  • Voicemail and Unified Messaging
  • Call Recording
  • Hunt/Ring Group
  • Call Routing
  • Audio Conferencing

Toll free numbers made their debut in the 1960s, and quickly became popular within the travel industry. They first came out because of the overwhelming amount of collect calls that were being made to businesses; toll free numbers gave the business the option of saying ñyesî to all collect calls without an operator asking each time. As technology was enhanced, businesses gained the option of purchasing international toll free numbers, creating a global marketplace unlike ever before.

Some of the benefits of AVOXI toll free numbers include:

  • Increased market reach
  • Enhanced business image
  • Higher company credibility
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