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10 Productivity and Stress Management Tips for Call Centre Managers

Call centre managers are responsible for managing and ensuring the quality and measure of phone calls meets or exceeds customer service goals.

They need to make sure that all business services inquiries are handled in a professional, efficient, correct, and a timely manner. Call centre managers are constantly under pressure and stress levels can reach record levels.

Here are some helpful tips for call centre managers on how to be more productive and manage stress:

  1. Create a power nap room – Studies show that a 20 minute sleep in the afternoon. Provides more rest then 20 minutes of extra sleep in the morning. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a power nap during the day, try meditation. Mediation gives the body a rest and allows you to remove all anxiety. Here at AVOXI we have just implemented a nap room!
  2. Develop customer focused KPI’s – KPI’s offer your agents with a measurable and quantifiable realistic benchmark. This helps your agents stay focus on what’s important.
  3. Learn from experienced agents – You would be surprised how much you can learn from your experienced agents. Create an online knowledge hub where agents can easily learn from each others experiences.
  4. Reward more often – It can’t be said enough, but rewarding for excellence is key for maintaining high levels of productivity.
  5. Improve Internal Communication – Internal communication is extremely important. Agents need to know what’s going on at all times.Keep metrics visible nearby for agents to stay on target.
  6. Implement a phone call blueprint for agents to follow – It’s essential to have a blueprint. Basically a blueprint showing your agents what a perfect customer call feels like and looks like. Modeling is a powerful teaching tool!
  7. Record training and support for compliance – Yes all managers understand that ongoing training is essential, but mixed it up. Ask your agents what kind of training they prefer. Whatever makes their jobs easier. Examples can be a video tutorial, pdf guides, or open discussion training group.
  8. Put email on a schedule – Email is probably one of the biggest distractions in the modern era. People spend hours answering emails, and still the emails keeps piling up. Set a time to dedicate to answering emails. (Emails from your boss and your customers don’t count here).
  9. Support agents with online or outside ongoing training – We all know that a better trained staff equals a more productive team. Agents will be more productive with online training, especially since they can carry out what they learn immediately at their desk.
  10. Let agents work from home  – Another thing we have just started here at AVOXI, and so far it’s going great! It’s important to offer that kind of flexibility to your agents. Giving them a different environment where they feel more relaxed and where they are less distracted from constant daily interruptions is essential.

Call center managers play an extremely important role in managing the phone communications of an enterprise. As their responsibilities are constantly growing and technology is constantly evolving. Call centre managers face more anxiety, stress, and productivity challenges.

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Salvador Stabler

Salvador Stabler

Email Marketing Specialist at AVOXI
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Salvador Stabler
Salvador Stabler

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