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3 Benefits of VoIP Call Center Solutions

With outsourced call centers popping up everywhere, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Maybe you’re not familiar with how virtual call centers work, maybe you’ve seen how companies like Global Response function, or maybe you’ve heard some good things about outsourcing call centers and want to learn more. No matter what your motivations are for reading this blog, here are a few ways in which virtual call centers could benefit you and your company:

Using VoIP Phone Technology Reduces Long Work Commutes While Saving You Money

VoIP phone services allow your company to make calls over an IP network unlike more traditional phones. Because of this, as long as someone has Internet access, they can connect through your network. This is incredibly beneficial for your business because it means you will need less office space for your workers. By reducing the amount of space needed, you’ll also be able to reduce other expenses such as power or office maintenance. On top of this, you’ll be able to choose workers from a more varied set of people. Since you are not confined to choosing call center representatives from your area, you can employ a multitude of the finest individuals from across the country.

Your employees will also appreciate this opportunity. Gone are the days of long work commutes followed by long work days. Call center agents will be able to work from home, which allows them to cut back on commuting expenses and unnecessary stress. In this way, you can see how both you and your agents benefit from VoIP phone services. It certainly doesn’t hurt that these phone services are rather inexpensive when compared to setting up a business running on old-fashioned landlines. Consider that not only will you be saving from a reduction in monthly rent payments, but also that you will save in setting up a call center.

Virtual Call Centers Reduce Employee Stress

It’s a well-known fact that employees working in call centers deal with an overwhelming amount of stress that can lead to decreased levels of energy. This is not at all ideal for a growing and functioning business. Thanks to the technology that virtual call centers put to use, there are several methods for reducing this overall stress, leading to a better work environment for your agents, not to mention better sales for your company!

Some of the features that virtual call centers include are Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). ACD is a system that can be used to distribute calls to workers based on how much work they can handle at the moment. This means if a representative is becoming fatigued or upset, the amount of calls they deal with can be reduced until they are caught up with their other work. IVR allows for customers to answer a series of questions that will be used to direct them to the right person immediately. Because of this, call center agents will have to spend less time asking the same questions over and over again; they will be able to save their energy for answering in-depth customer questions.

VoIP Services Allow For Easy Business Expansion

It can be a pain to set up a call center and then realize you need more phone lines and employees. Using VoIP phone services makes this much less of a hassle. Likewise, if you need to reduce the amount of phone lines you have, that is not a problem either.

When you go with a traditional phone line, you will likely be dealing with a provider that will limit the amount of phone calls your center can deal with. This is particularly terrible because it leads to customers having to sit on hold for extended periods of time, which can lose you business. Since virtual call centers run off bandwidth, there’s no strict limit for size simply because it’s rather easy for a company to upgrade the amount of lines you have.

Where to Start

A great idea is to do some more research on virtual call centers before making a commitment. You want to find a solution that works best for you. Feel free to peruse our blog for more information on VoIP phone services.

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