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800 Numbers – Toll Free Call Forwarding

Understanding the telegeography of 800 numbers and toll free call forwarding can be quite helpful in growing your business at home and abroad. Where do you need to establish a presence in the world?

Routing 800 Numbers Internationally

800 numbers can be routed anywhere in the world. A common example of toll free call forwarding is 1 800 numbers that connect a caller to a tech support team or service department in another country such as India or the Philippines. Understanding the telegeography of the international toll-free market and toll free call forwarding can be quite helpful in growing your business at home and abroad.

But what exactly is a telecommunications route?

Simply put, it is the route a call takes to its final destination. And, with many 800 numbers that is often a bordering country. So even though you are a caller in the US, your 1 800 call might be answered in Canada. In other words, the toll free call is forwarded to a phone in Canada.

Toll Free Call Forwarding Trends

One of the most consistent trends seen in toll free call forwarding is countries bordering each other will typically have 800 numbers routed to one another. For instance, in the US, more 800 numbers are routed to Canada or Mexico than any other countries in the world. Similarly, Russia and the Ukraine share the largest telecommunication routes, ie more numbers are diverted from Russia to phones in the Ukraine and vice-versa. Countries neighboring one another quite often divert the largest volume of calls from their home country to landlines, cell phones or IP addresses in the country next door. Like a trade route, a telecommunications route is quite often a well-traveled path.

When studying the telegeography of telecommunications routing, some countries repeatedly appear throughout a region where they are trying to establish a presence. For instance, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman have more calls diverted to India than any other country, so India represents the largest telecommunication route for these countries.

In Europe, Germany is the most popular telecommunication route destination for several countries including Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, diverting more calls and 1 800 numbers to Germany than any other country in Europe.

Where do you need to establish a presence in the world? Where do you need your calls or your 1 800 numbers to be routed from and to? Understanding a bit about telecommunications routing and the telegeography of toll free call forwarding can help you increase your international business or your presence in a market that you need to develop and grow.

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David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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