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844 Toll Free Numbers Roll Out in December – AVOXI Will Offer

844 Toll Free Numbers to be released early because of high demand – Contact AVOXI on 7 December 2013 to get yours


Toll Free Numbers
Toll free numbers allow customers to contact businesses free of charge, making them highly sought after since their debut in 1967. There are approximately 14 million toll free numbers in use today and the demand for them is continuing to rise. Since the current inventory of 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855 numbers are being depleted, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has moved up the release date for 844 toll free numbers. Starting December 7, 2013, customers in the US and Canada will have six toll free prefixes to choose from.

844 Numbers vs. Existing Toll Free Numbers

You may be wondering if one prefix is better than another, and the answer is NO. It all boils down to availability and personal preference. The only difference between an 844 number and its predecessors are the last two digits. An 844 number functions exactly like any toll free number. It can ring through a land line, cell phone, or VoIP, and you can even get a vanity number. Because vanity numbers provide cost-effective marketing benefits, they tend to go fast when new prefixes are released.  So if you plan on purchasing an 844 vanity number, make sure you contact a toll free number provider as soon as they become available.

Why The Early Release?

The FCC publicly released 855 numbers in 2010 and didn’t plan on releasing another set until 2014. However, the rise in popularity of toll free numbers means that available numbers are dwindling. What does this say about toll free numbers? It says that business owners and marketers know they’re effective. Toll free numbers give small businesses a professional appearance and offer ample marketing opportunities to any size business.

Think getting a toll free number is difficult? Well, it’s not! Learn just how easy it is with this How to Get a Toll Free Number article by AVOXI. And don’t forget to contact AVOXI in December to get your 844 toll free number!

844 Toll Free Numbers Roll Out in December – References

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David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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