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Advantages of a Virtual Call Center

Advantages of a Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Centers provide the mobility and flexibility that traditional Call Centers can’t. Find out how a Virtual Call Center can increase your bottom line.

Virtual Call Centers have one major advantage over traditional Call Centers; due to VoIP, or Voice over IP, technology, their agents can work remotely from almost anywhere in the world.

This is a booming trend for companies looking to cut costs because despite the fact that your agents might not work out of the same physical building, Call Center software gives the appearance that you do.

Because your VoIP provider will host your Virtual Call Center, there are a number of  advantages to utilizing this technology.

  • Your provider manages all of the necessary equipment for your Virtual Call Center. This means that you won’t need to worry about on-site hardware and software updates.
  • Most providers offer 24/7 technical support. Reliability is the number one priority for Call Centers so continuous support is definitely essential.
  • You’ll also be given access to a number of important call features such as Time of Day Routing, Call Forwarding and Call Recording.

Employees in a Virtual Call Center environment receive advantages as well. They don’t have to worry about commuting or a distracting work setting since they work remotely. Because of this, employees working at a Virtual Call Center are shown to be more productive and efficient than those working in a traditional Call center.

In a traditional Call Center environment, you can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 for each agent. This includes numerous costs including training, integration and yearly maintenance. This price doesn’t include the many up-front costs that are also associated with traditional Call Centers.

Most VoIP providers offer monthly or yearly plans for their Virtual Call Center technology. Prices can vary based on the number of agents you have, how many minutes you use or what calling features you need. For as little as $20 a month, you can make the transition to a Virtual Call Center. While price is indeed a motivating factor, the quality of the service and support offered is also of paramount importance. Do your homework to make sure you choose a provider that offers the service, features and price-point you’re looking for.

A Virtual Call Center gives you a large amount of flexibility not only with the service and call features you receive but with the employees you hire as well. Become more reliable, hire the most qualified employees (no matter where they live) and become part of the cloud with a Virtual Call Center today!

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David Wise

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