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Airline Industry Still Missing Updated Contact Center Solutions

It’s time the airline industry begins to explore their contact center solutions and start focusing more  on their customer service experience.

Customer service in the airline industry has become akin to beating a dog for wagging its tail. Passengers seek simple benefits from an air carrier: safe passage, fair and reasonable ticket prices, seating that does not require us to be contortionists, and flight schedules that accommodate normal business hours in most of the world. Instead of getting a pat on the head for our loyalty, we are treated as if we were a troublesome group of dogs who just tracked mud through the carpet. Customer service is interpreted by the airlines as giving out these benefits to passengers in exchange for exorbitant fees and penalties for failure to conform to a maze of rules.

About the same time, have you ever called an airline before? Terrible hold times are rampant in the industry. And If you happen to get an agent on the phone, the line cuts off or they make the wrong changes to your tickets.  There are thousands of complaint boards and blog post scattered all over the internet from irate customers. Perform the following search and see for yourself: “(__airline company name__) customer service sucks”.  

Long hold times are famous and probably an experience just about anyone can relate to. In fact, 75% believe it takes way to long to reach a live real human customer service agent.  Long hold times is probably one of the biggest complaints most people have with the airline industry.

So if the airline industry is clearly aware that they have a massive customer service experience problem on their hands, why not do something about it. Especially starting with the biggest complaint, long hold times?  We all know that contact center solutions have evolved tremendously over the past decade, so why aren’t they optimizing it?

Forester states the following in terms of Contact Center Solutions:

  • “It is not surprising that cost is by far the largest barrier for all types of contact center leaders”.
  • “The third-most important barrier is that it is too difficult to change existing business processes”.

Sounds like the biggest obstacle the airline industry faces is the willingness to change. Interesting enough the cost of deploying a powerful and reliable contact center solution immensely outweighs the revenue the airline industry would make.

Oh well, expect very little from an airline and you may only experience small disappointments. You are not a customer to them, only another seat sold. no more complaining.

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Salvador Stabler

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Salvador Stabler
Salvador Stabler

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