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Automatic Scorecards for Call Centers

Call centers should be improving constantly, ensuring business efficiency and growth. Without the evaluation of current practices and standards, call centers have little opportunity to sustain or excel at providing satisfactory customer service. It has been proven that poor customer service is a key factor to the decline of repeat business. Call centers must employ proactive personnel and policies to continue steady and/or climbing business.

Effective call center monitoring is essential for any successful organization. Many call center software solutions provide the tools necessary to review, track and rate performance on a per agent basis. However, such functionalities should be compared and evaluated prior to implementation to ensure the most appropriate feature for your business.

Traditional call quality monitoring once required manual listening of calls, interrupting supervisors’ time and productivity. The three to five random calls monitored per month per agent, resulting in less than 1% of total customer conversations to be taken into consideration, was not only ineffective, but often inaccurate, as well. Fortunately, modern day systems include advanced features like automatic scorecards that make reviewing and grading agent performance easier than ever.

Call Centers Use Automatic Scorecard Feature

The once impossible task of listening to customer conversations has become a 100% automated process delivering higher competence and accuracy. With thousands of hours of recorded calls per day, the automatic scorecard feature provides quality metrics and insight for call center administrators. The information given highlights exactly where an agent’s performance is high and where, perhaps, retraining should be considered. These never-ending measures help increase productivity, create efficiencies and improve agent ability within call centers.

Furthermore, a dashboard provides call center supervisors continuous, real-time data allowing them to review the capability of individuals or teams of customer service representatives. These dashboards can also be converted into reports, which is extremely useful for presentations and evaluation over a period of time. Reports can call attention to areas in which agents (on average) should improve, common and/or reoccurring customer issues, or any other variable set by call center managers. The information provided by automatic scorecards in call centers can help improve standards, motivate change and conceivably provide ways of acknowledging and rewarding agents who are excelling.

David Wise

David Wise

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at AVOXI
David has more than 18 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry. A graduate of the Citadel, David worked as a Senior Account Executive with Intermedia Communications and later co-founded Rapid Link, a leading provider of International callback and VoIP. David then founded AVOXI in 2001with a focus on providing niche international call center markets with customized voice and data services. read more
David Wise
David Wise

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