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Call Forwarding – When Voice Mail Isn’t Good Enough

Call forwarding is the most valuable business feature your cloud-hosted virtual PBX offers. Mobility, better sales and marketing, better customer support.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding – Better Than Voice Mail

Call forwarding redirects an incoming phone number to another phone number. It is also known as call diversion, or “call divert” in the UK.

With the increasingly popular cloud-hosted PBX service, (delivered as a virtual PBX), your PSTN and VoIP calls arrive at your VoIP service provider’s data center.

There your virtual PBX application software routes the calls per your instructions.

This is true PBX call forwarding, performed by virtual PBX operated for you by your VoIP service provider.

And you’ve guessed it. Since your virtual PBX runs applications software to route do your call forwarding, there’s virtually no limit to the sophisticated rules that you can set up to do your call forwarding. Time of day, day of week, inbound area code, inbound geography, and many more criteria can be used to select your preferred “forward to” number.

Customers Hate Voice Mail

Customers truly prefer getting a live human on the phone. Leaving a voicemail is acceptable but it’s a letdown. Not a failure, but not a success. Mission not accomplished. Getting your call forwarded to a live human is always the best result.

With your virtual PBX, you get both call forwarding and, if you can’t pick up, voice mail.

Call Forwarding for the Individual Business Team

Call forwarding serves the individual business team member in many ways, including these.

1. Office After Hours – You run your own agency or small business, but you work from home evenings after dinner and don’t want to miss client calls.

2. Office Weekends at Home– You actually work most Sunday afternoons at home, and one of your customers always likes to call and offer you new project tasks on Sundays.

3. On Travel – You are at the beach but working. It does happen, customers ask for help.

4. Out to Lunch – You might be hoping for word on a critical deal. Your customer may have one last question and steps out of a meeting where the board is considering your final draft. Your customer has one last question. This is when voice mail isn’t good enough.

5. Working from Home – You are teleworking or just sick enough not to share with others. Call forwarding can work for you all day.

6. Working with the Team on a Critical Proposal – You are working from home with your team Friday night through Sunday afternoon to get the proposal out. One team member is at the beach, another is at the office, and a third is at the airport, working between flights. Don’t fool around making sure everyone each other’s cell phone number, or the phone number at your mother-in-law’s lake cottage. Just let everyone use ordinary office numbers already stored in their smartphones.

7. On Call Customer Support – Support team members can have flexible evening and weekend schedules. Nobody has to “take the support cell phone home”.

Instead, we can just change the “Forward To” number on the fly, pointing it to the on-call support team member.

8. Mobility – Being able to forward your number to your cell number lets you move about your office, factory, or campus without missing a call.

International Call Forwarding for Sales and Marketing Campaigns

International call forwarding, which includes an international toll free number with virtual PBX call forwarding, provides benefits for your departmental units and for your entire business. There are several call forwarding benefits, including those shown following.

1. Swing incoming campaign queues – When you want to have a different team handle an existing campaign, you can call forward the incoming number to the new team.

2. Department Reorganization – When you reorganize your marketing and sales teams, you may want to consolidate marketing teams or outsource some of the lead handling work. You can call forward your campaign inbound numbers in just minutes to support your reorganization.

3. Outsourcing a Campaign – When you want to try using an outsourced lead handling service, or change your outsourced supplier, call forwarding can forward incoming calls to the right DID number.

4. Presenting a Professional Image When your small but growing, you may have a small team and some virtual workers. Having an inbound toll free number and a virtual IVR with a dialing directory programmed with your virtual extensions gives you the same telephone presence as larger enterprise.

Call Forwarding References

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee

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Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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