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Cloud Based Contact Center Productivity Management

A cloud based contact center productivity survey shows productivity is top of mind for call center managers.

The role of the cloud based contact center has changed in the last decade as it has become the core of customer relationship management. Contact centers are no longer used only to handle customer complaints and to provide answers to customer questions. They have evolved into an increasingly crucial role, helping businesses manage customer relationships and increasing customer retention and new customer referrals.

Due to the increasing buying power of consumers, call center managers are under an all-time high pressure to increase productivity and efficiency in their cloud based contact centers. There are many things that these managers have to manage in order to keep up with the customer and the C-suite demands including

  • improving the response rate,
  • constantly improving customer service,
  • managing high call volumes, and
  • trying to reduce the turnover.

A contact center productivity survey of 312 call center executives, managers or supervisors shows that they have concerns about finding and retaining quality contact center agents. In addition, call volumes in the cloud based contact center have skyrocketed; so, balancing quality customer service with an increasing demand is a challenge. Only 50% of the respondents expressed confidence that their cloud based contact center technology is keeping up with their growing needs.

Multi-Channel Customer Communications in Contact Centers

A lot of this concern is rising from the necessity to handle multi-channel customer communications. While some cloud based contact centers have a clear process for handling chat and messaging, many still do not have a process in place to address the new ways customers want to communicate with them. As a call center manager, you have to make sure that your agents have the tools they need to operate productively and therefore increase performance.

Many contact center managers reported concern over agent down time also. When agents are not handling calls, they are usually given other tasks. However, these are often hard to measure. The survey reveled that agent down time is up to one hour per day, on average. This makes it hard to manage productivity in a cloud based contact center, as offline tasks such as data entry and account research are not exactly measurable output.

As indicated by your peers, the people who face that same challenges that you do on a daily basis, productivity is top of mind for call center managers.

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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