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Does Your Cloud VoIP Provider Offer Call Recording?

With cloud VoIP usage on the rise and its cost in decline, businesses small and big can reach new efficiencies. When your caller reaches the correct person right away, your customer satisfaction increases dramatically. Customer is king after all so increased customer satisfaction leads to increased revenues.

Cloud VoIP Features

Naturally, with increased cloud VoIP usage, there is a plethora of VoIP providers you can choose for your business. While most of them provide standard features, make sure you understand exactly what comes with your cloud VoIP solution. Some of the most common features you may encounter are: call forwarding, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and call recording. Map out all the features your business needs to ensure that your cloud VoIP provider offers it.

Call Recording

One powerful feature in particular that you should think about when looking at cloud VoIP is call recording. Along with getting your customer to the correct representative on their first call, call recording can also increase your customer satisfaction. The ability to record all of your calls can help you ensure that your representatives are handling calls according to your policies. It also ensures standardization so your customers can always hear the same answer to the same question. If you are a call center, your managers can utilize call recording for quality assurance and put scorecards in place for your agents.

Further, call recording can help you stay compliant, provide a record of the conversation in case of a dispute, help in effectively training your reps on best practices and provide your employees with a record of specific customer inquiries. This one feature can do a lot if you put it to good use. Make sure that your cloud VoIP solution includes call recording so that you can utilize it to increase productivity.

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David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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