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How to Create Successful Quality Control Evaluations For Your Agents

How to Create Successful Quality Control Evaluations For Your Agents

Efficiency and effectiveness are two of the primary goals when it comes to operating a successful call center.  For call center managers, this means making sure that your agents are properly trained and performing at their highest levels.  To help you do this, we’ll discuss how to create successful quality control evaluations for your agents using your virtual call center software.

Use Call Recording

Call recording is one useful tool included with virtual call center software that can be used as part of your quality control evaluations for your agents.  This feature allows managers to review all calls that take place in the call center and use them for training and evaluation purposes.  Although most call recordings are only stored for a set period of time, you can also download the audio files for future listening, or to share with new agents during training.

By listening to these calls, you can have a better understanding of the success or struggles your agents are having. You can then use this information to ensure they’re performing at the highest possible level.

Use Call Scoring

Another tool to use as you create quality control evaluations for your agents is call scoring.  The call scoring feature within your virtual call center software prompts you with specific questions and requirements as you’re reviewing past or current calls.

Call scoring is extremely useful in quality assurance because it helps you track each agent’s performance over an extended period of time.  With this data in hand, you can not only evaluate the performance of each agent, but also the effectiveness of your training programs.

Use Live Monitoring

Call center managers should also use live monitoring as part of their quality control evaluations.  Like call recording, live monitoring allows you to listen to calls taking place in your call center.  But in this case, you can listen to calls in real time.  This is useful in quality assurance evaluations because you can listen to calls and give immediate feedback to the agent following the call.

Successful Quality Control Evaluations for Your Agents

As you can see, there are a a number of features within virtual call center software that allow you to create successful quality control evaluations for your agents. By utilizing these features, you’ll be taking steps to make your call center more efficient and thus, setting your business up for a strong future.

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David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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