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Creating Better Call Centres: 11 Simple, But Critical Tips

Creating successful call centres can be a daunting endeavor. The biggest challenge is to have a balance between efficiency and service.

11 tips to run effective and efficient call centres:

1. Create a business plan
The backbone of any business, including call centres, is the business plan. Your company’s business plan should include its goals, a cost analysis and a timetable of project completion dates.

2. Become a master product expert
Customer confidence is directly linked to your knowledge of your product or service. You should create a training plan that focuses on agent knowledge. A knowledgeable agent will solve problems quickly and is more likely to create a positive customer impression.

3. Research and choose proper equipment and services
Never assume that what works for someone else will work for you. Each business has a unique set of requirements to function efficiently. Variables like the type of customers and call volume will help determine what kind of equipment, software and services you will need.

4. Automate all easy tasks
Most of the calls received at the average centre are informational and can be handled by automated systems. You should automate all tasks that do not require a live agent to handle.

5. Use a call template
A template should include a call structure and common questions and responses. An effective template can drastically reduce the time to solve common problems.

6. Choose appropriate people
Some people are more suited to certain positions than others. An aggressive sales personality will be less successful in a customer service position and vice versa. Try to choose personalities to fit a position instead of trying to overcome personality tendencies with training.

7. Encourage agents to teach and grade each other
The most effective way to teach agents is to have them role-play with other agents. Evaluating other agents on a checklist of criteria, as well as on overall friendliness and demeanor will help agents to understand the customer experience and how to improve it.

8. Emphasize training
The backbone of any sales or customer service team is training. Many people have the talent to succeed, but they will only become successful agents if they have mentors and peers to guide them into effective habits and behaviors.

9. Give fair and consistent feedback
All kinds of agents need feedback. Good agents can be commended and used as examples of effective behaviors. Poor agents must be corrected and brought back into line with the rest of the team.

10. Implement incentive programs
All types of call centres should implement incentive programs. This idea is an old one for sales teams, but even businesses that are more customer service focused can use incentives to motivate their team. Incentives can be based off sales or customer reviews and internal grading.

11. Build a small relationship with each call
Studies show that small courtesies have a big effect on customer impression. Things like an agent giving their first name or thanking the customer are effective in creating positive relationships between customers and your company.

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