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Customer Service, Contact Centers & Emotional Contact

Contact centers are often the first point of direct customer contact and the most influential for creating strong customer satisfaction.

If the customer service interaction is unsatisfying, awkward, or too stiff, your business and brand loses a golden opportunity to score big points on the customer satisfaction ledger and to begin building serious brand loyalty. But perhaps most importantly, it is an opportunity for a contact center agent to create an emotional connection with the customer.

When customers take the time to call the contact center with a question or an issue, they are expecting more these days. Now, the heat is on the call center to step up their customer service and truly deliver on that promise.

A recent article on building emotional connections with customers discussed four key strategies for making the most of customer service calls:

  1. Put the customer at the forefront of everything you do – Ask yourself, ‘If I were the customer, how would this experience feel for me?’
  2. Get closer to customers’ emotionality – Empathize with your customers, they are calling with an issue or a complaint; don’t offer a canned response.
  3. Listen, really listen- Regularly listen to customer’s concerns, needs and responses. It is an essential source of data to build customer satisfaction and improved service.
  4. Demonstrate respect – Develop a culture of respect. First, internally, when management respects the needs, opinions and work of agents this translates to customer service helping to build customer satisfaction.

For when a strong emotional connection is made via customer service calls, improved business results and customer satisfaction are usually not too far behind.

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee is AVOXI's Digital Marketing Director. Bruce's background includes lead generation, SEO, web analytics, and web development for AVOXI. Bruce has an engineering, telecommunications, and software development background, working with Lotus Development, Blackstone & Cullen, EMC, Cox Communications, Travel Channel, Brand Fever, and AVOXI.
Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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