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Customized UK Toll Free Number Advantages

A customized UK toll free number can energize your marketing campaigns and drive new customers to contact your business.

What Can a Customized UK Toll Free Number Offer Your Business?

Since freephone numbers were first introduced by BT in 1985, they have grown from a wonky image as “non-geographic” numbers to more of a “telemarketing number” image. Today, United Kingdom toll free numbers (commonly known as UK freephone numbers) start with 0800 followed by 7 digits. The International Toll Free Service (ITFS) format is:


A customized UK toll free phone number has many benefits to offer your business for reaching consumers and business customers in the UK.

  • UK freephone numbers let ready buyers call your business for immediate ordering or order enquiry. In many cases, the free call encourages customers to call, even when they have questions or doubts about the suitability of your product offering. Your capable inside sales team can answer these questions, remove doubts, show how your product or service will work for the customer, and close many of these potential sales.
  • Studies show that potential UK customers respond more to advertising that shows an 0800 or 0808 freephone number in it.
    Customers who were accustomed to “dialing 100 and asking for freephone” to reach your business are now dialing your 0800 numbers directly.
  • Customized UK toll free numbers that spells out a memorable version of your product or service (such as 0800-MyLorry for your truck sales division) can make it easier for customers to recognize your brand, in preference over other brands. A customized freephone number can also work well with print media and display advertising because it’s simply easier for prospective customers to remember.
  • Even without a name word freephone number, you can still use an “easy number” that is “catchy” and easy to remember. Combinations of digits like 4242 or 1234 are very easy to see, read, comprehend and remember, and they are very easy to share with others over the phone. One famous test of a phone number always cited by marketers is to try to pass a phone number to your grandmother over the phone. If you can say “777-4242”, it’s a lot easier to explain than “619-1473”.

UK Toll Free Phone Numbers – Positive Reflection on Your Business

Customized UK freephone numbers

A Customized UK Freephone Number Lets More Buyers Reach Your Business

Regardless of which prefix (0800, 0808, 0845, etc) you prefer and whether you utilize a vanity number or a numeric number in advertising, customized toll free numbers lend a sense of credibility to your business. Customers expect a solid business organization to have a freephone number.

Freephone Numbers Serve Multiple Channels

With the proliferation of mobile devices and click to call technology enabled everywhere, your customized UK toll free number lets customers across the UK arrive through any of the multiple channels that can now feed customers to your sales team. Customers at home, at work, or on travel can scan a QR code to land on your “contact us” page, or click on a click-to-call number to arrive on your freephone number. The immediacy of click to call feed customers into your channels means that many of the customers arriving are ready to buy. Long gone are the days of contemplative research and the placement of a costly trunk call.


So, to recap, customized UK toll free phone numbers can help you increase your sales, lend credibility to your products and services, expand your business into new markets, and improve your brand image and recognition across the UK and neighboring markets.

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Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee is AVOXI's Digital Marketing Director. Bruce's background includes lead generation, SEO, web analytics, and web development for AVOXI. Bruce has an engineering, telecommunications, and software development background, working with Lotus Development, Blackstone & Cullen, EMC, Cox Communications, Travel Channel, Brand Fever, and AVOXI.
Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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