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How To Decrease Turnover in Your Hosted Contact Center

It’s a well known fact that agent turnover rate is substantially high in the call center industry. This significantly increases costs for the  hosted contact center. So, how do you, as a call center manager, make sure that you retain your best talent?

It’s no secret that building better relationships leads to less attrition. Studies in organizational behavior show that the hosted contact center can reap significant benefits when its agents experience positive relationships in the call center environment. These positive relationships further lead to higher agent performance. So, call center managers have many incentives to come up with strategies that will enhance interpersonal relationships in the workplace.  This is no easy task, as hosted contact center managers are constantly under pressure to decrease agent downtime. Balancing workplace relationship satisfaction with agent downtime can present challenges but it is not impossible to achieve.

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Hosted contact centers are a fast-paced, growing industry with demanding work shifts. This makes it a difficult environment leaving little time to socializing. However, socializing increases positive relationship building and thus satisfaction among call center agents. Building high morale by allowing time for socialization in the hosted contact center should be one of the priorities of call center managers. When morale is high, employees take on their job tasks more seriously with increased enthusiasm and energy.  Making sure that your agents are satisfied will ensure that their job related stress levels decrease while their productivity increases. In addition, their positive attitude will translate into their interactions with customers and they will be more invested in resolving customer problems. In turn, this may lead to higher overall customer satisfaction.

As a hosted contact center manager, you want to ensure that your agents have trust in you. This will allow them to disclose more information about themselves. A study of 100 call center agents, conducted in 2011, reveals that self-disclosure promotes high morale in the contact center. The benefits of positive relationships in the hosted contact center are undeniable so make sure you include it as part of your overall agent retention strategy.

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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