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What is the Difference Between a Dialer and a Softphone?

What is the Difference Between a Dialer and a Softphone?

Our customers often ask, “what is the difference between a dialer and a softphone?” Find out the difference and the key role they both play in call centers.

Our international customers often have some confusion about what exactly a dialer is. The confusion is completely understandable. Because of cultural lingo, the word “dialer” is often used interchangeably with the word “softphone”. In terms of call centers, understanding the difference between a dialer and a softphone is extremely important.

A dialer isn’t a softphone and a softphone isn’t a dialer.

A dialer, when talking about outbound call centers, is a program that automates the procedure behind placing calls. It can be programmed to automatically call an extremely long list of phone numbers. Most dialer software can tell when the recipient picks up the phone call and then the dialer transfers the call to an available call center agent. Dialers are popular in call centers because agents don’t have to physically dial phone numbers, the dialer does that.

A softphone is a program used to make phone calls over the internet. It works just like a regular phone except that a softphone is downloaded and used directly on your computer. Most softphones are designed to look just like an actual phone. Softphones are popular with virtual call centers or traditional call centers looking to cut equipment costs by eliminating traditional phones.

The definitions of the two words come into play when customers are looking to purchase call center software. Some software isn’t compatible with the large amount of outgoing calls that dialers are programmed to do. Because of this, your provider may ask if you use a dialer before you purchase the software.

Now that we’ve explained the difference between dialers and softphones, you’ll be able to confidently understand the features and programs behind your call center. While the two are related because of their popularity in call centers, their distinction is important to grasp.


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Pablo Torres

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