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DID Number – Your Office Anywhere in the World

Your DID number is your local office anywhere in the world for pennies a day.

DID Number Defined

“DID Number” means “direct inward dialing number”. In Europe and Oceania, it’s called a “direct dial-in number” (DDI).

DID numbers were originally developed to work with telephone company provided private branch exchange (PBX) systems. Companies could have many extensions internally, but let those extensions share just a handful of telephone lines to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Although a company could have 300 extensions, most of the time only 10 to 12 connections to the PSTN would be needed because not all office staff members talk on the phone at the same time. This saved a great deal of money for the company.

DDI Number – The Key Feature

The key feature of a DID number was that the PBX could receive all inbound calls, and assign an internal extension to handle the call. Today, modern VoIP telephony takes advantage of this same architecture. Companies can get a VoIP DID number virtually anywhere in the world, and have calls to the VoIP DID numbers routed to the company headquarters.

You Can Get a DID Number (DDI Number) Almost Anywhere Around The World.

You Can Get a DID Number (DDI Number) Almost Anywhere Around The World

For example, a company in New Delhi can buy a local DID number in Tokyo from a DID number provider. Calls from Tokyo customers to the local DID number are routed over the PSTN or the Internet to the company in New Delhi.

DID numbers are available in cities around the world. They serve as local phone numbers that give companies and marketers a wonderful local presence for just pennies a day in each city.

DID numbers are provided by VoIP service providers who also provide cloud-based hosted PBX services and virtual call center solutions as well. DID numbers that operate over VoIP are sometimes called “VoIP DID numbers” or” virtual DID numbers”. In either case, a DID number can be used with a hosted PBX service to achieve a powerful international marketing tool for companies.

Think of a DID number as a virtual number that allows you to route calls to your existing telephone lines. One DID number is able to route and process thousands of simultaneous calls to the proper extensions.

Imagine Your New Offices in Los Angeles and Singapore

A DID number gives you a wonderful opportunity to open shop in a new market. Suppose you want to offer software support or engineering services in Los Angeles or Singapore? All you need to do is contact your DID number provider to select local phone numbers you’d like to use. When these are provisioned, you can show your DID number in letters, on proposals, on a web page for your customers in Los Angeles or Singapore, and in your email campaigns, as examples.

All your proposals and correspondence with prospective customers can show your local phone number, giving you a subtle advantage over competitors who have no local office or presence.

Before long, you may be able to acquire so many customers in Los Angeles or Singapore that you’d be able to open a physical office there. Better still, when you do establish a physical office, you can retain your local number and forward it to your Los Angeles or Singapore office.

DID Number Offers Great Connectivity

Your DID number can be used to connect over the PSTN (public switched telephone network) or connect over the Internet. Better still, your DID number can do both.

That means your local DID number in Los Angeles or Singapore can originate as a VoIP call, pass securely over the Internet, and then terminate to your office location via the PSTN. You can also receive this VoIP call directly at your office, and route the call with your cloud-hosted PBX or through a gateway to your on-premise PBX equipment.

DID numbers can forward calls to a VoIP device, landline, or mobile number in virtually any location.

That’s a lot of options, but it’s actually all very simple. Only a few minutes on the phone with your VoIP service provider will be needed to figure out what will work best for you.

Just imagine – your office anywhere in the world!

DID Numbers – References

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