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Faster Call Resolution: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

Faster call resolution and lightning-fast customer service have become key factors to successful and profitable businesses.  With today’s tablets and smart phones allowing instant and limitless access to information, customers have begun expecting the same of their customer service.  The Merchants Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report stated that the number of abandoned calls rose for the third year in a row, with the average caller willing to wait only 65 seconds. Can you guess how this impacts customer satisfaction?!

The right combination and use of call center technology can allow your company to reach their goals for faster call resolution, and increase customer satisfaction and profits in the process. Many companies worry about the cost of improving their call center technology; however, faster call resolution and improved customer service are proven ways to increase profit.  When customers are happy with your service, and the speed of call resolution, customer service representatives have better luck with up-selling and cross-selling while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.  Many companies have found that agents with the highest customer service rating also generally turn out to be the ones with the highest sales. This is where call center technology can have a tremendous impact in assisting call center agents to ensure efficient handling of calls.

Another way to obtain faster call resolution is by using correct channeling.  By using the right call center technology, call centers enable customers to reach agents through multiple channels – be it chat, e-mail, co-browse, or phone; with good call center technology, customer satisfaction will increase, as will your company’s profits.

David Wise

David Wise

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at AVOXI
David has more than 18 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry. A graduate of the Citadel, David worked as a Senior Account Executive with Intermedia Communications and later co-founded Rapid Link, a leading provider of International callback and VoIP. David then founded AVOXI in 2001with a focus on providing niche international call center markets with customized voice and data services. read more
David Wise
David Wise

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