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Great Branding with Toll Free Vanity Numbers

A toll free vanity number makes it easy for customers to recognize your brand and remember you number. Good branding is memorable, appealing, and intuitive.

Branding connects a product or service with human thought and emotion. You can use toll free vanity numbers to connect your brand with a toll free number. This helps bring your brand and phone number to mind for motivated buyers.

Branding with Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Using a branded 800 number makes it easy for customers to recognize your brand and remember you number at the same time. The most effective branded toll free numbers contain only letters. Hybrid versions such as 1-800-928-Pizza) are more difficult to remember than all-letter versions like 1-800-get-pizza.

In ad copy, always include the numerical version of your phone number. Not every desk phone or cell phone will have characters on the buttons (or images of buttons in the case of mobile phones without buttons).

Consider also that some people have difficulty finding letters on the buttons and prefer a numerals when dialing.

Unbranded Toll Free Vanity Numbers

There are many popular 800 numbers in use that are essentially unbranded. As examples:

1-800 Service
1-800 CallNow
1-800 Insurance
1-800 Lawyers

But these are essentially non-branded numbers that don’t bring a brand to mind. In fact, some of these types of vanity numbers, such as 1-800 Lawyers and 1-800 Insurance, are essentially syndicated, so that the connections made depend on regional assignments.

Great Branded Toll Free Vanity Numbers

The branded 800 numbers that we visit today belong to an individual business organization that markets B2C or B2B under its own brand name end to end.

Brand Integrated with 800 Number

Here are examples where the brand strategy decision was made to build the brand around a 1-800 number, so that the brand and telephone number alignment were at the core of the marketing strategy. Each of these is a consumer facing brand that sells on a nationwide or international basis.

Flowers for all occasions. The ultimate example of building a brand from a toll free phone number.

Toll free vanity numbers help sell flowers for all occasions.


Discount contact lens with based on a toll free number.

Discount contact lenses.

1-800 PetMeds
Discount pet medicines, in a consumer facing site.

Pet medicines.


Junk removal, marketed with humor and simplicity.
1-800-Got Junk trash removal.



800 Number Selected to Match the Brand

For these well-known brands, the brands were generally well-established brick and mortar marketing operations well before online marketing and toll free numbers combined to bring online shoppers to call a toll free number. The business was not named to align with the 800 number, but toll free vanity numbers were selected to represent the business in a memorable way. What’s easier to remember than 1-800-toysRus?

Fujitsu electronics and business solutions





Children’s toys
Toys R Us.





Paints, stains, and coatings





JetBlue air travel
Jet Blue.





Branded Toll Free Vanity Numbers – References

The references offered here will provide more insight on selecting toll free vanity numbers (or word numbers as they are known internationally). The first few references also provide links to resources at AVOXI where you can explore getting toll free vanity numbers for your business or organization.

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee

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Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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