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Hosted Call Center and Cloud Services

Numbers are Strengthening

A recent Frost & Sullivan call center survey revealed that 55% of participants are using or plan to use (within the next 18 months) cloud-based solutions at their contact center. That number is expected to grow to 65% of all companies by 2012.

What does this mean? For starters, these numbers serve to emphasize that the cloud is clearly not a fad. It also means that as the demand grows the service options will too. More hosted providers, more specialized features, more options in general for the call center. As always, increased competition means improved service for the customer and the contact center.

Another benefit of the increased focus on cloud-based call center services is improved security. For years, the biggest knock against hosted call center solutions was the perceived inability to safe-guardb sensitive client information. However, the scrutiny of the security issue has been the biggest help in addressing the problem. Security is always priority #1 for hosted call center providers and for that reason security has improved to the point that it equals or in some cases even surpasses on-premise solutions.

Another area of focus for hosted providers has been delivering reliable redundancy features for call center clients. As was the case with security, this focus was driven by a lack of faith in the performance of hosted solutions vs. on-premise equipment.  Yet again, the hosted call center providers have stepped up their game and now are certainly on par with on-premise solutions in this critical area.

The move towards the cloud will continue.  As call centers ask for features or areas of focus to be addressed in the marketplace, hosted providers will adapt and improve their cloud offerings to meet those needs.

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