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Hosted Call Center Benefits

Benefits of a Hosted Call Center There are a number of financial, operational, and technical reasons for choosing a hosted call center.

Here is a list of some of the key benefits for setting up a hosted call center:

• Conserves cash
• Low start-up costs
• Typically lower total cost of ownership
• Monthly payments that come out of operational budget and not capital budget
• Vendor responsible for installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance of system
• Rapid implementation (up in 1 day to 2 weeks)
• Cost-effective and feature-rich alternatives with a call center solution
• Flexible solutions for all size call centers
• Brower-based offerings require little on-site technology and equipment
• Vendors release new functionality more frequently that premise-based providers
• Ongoing technology updates/refreshes without forklifts or major operational disruptions
• Reduction in IT costs, eliminates the need for IT staff
• Eliminates support costs such as data center real estate (servers), power, cooling costs, systems and database administration etc.
• Handles virtual and geographically dispersed locations
• Reduces the time and complexity of opening additional contact center sites
• Little or no incremental network costs or application expertise required to support multiple sites and at-home agents
• Option to combine premise-based applications with the hosted contact center solution
• Ease of transition to premise-based implementation with minimal financial or system impact
• Simplification of disaster recovery/contingency planning, testing and implementation
• Users are not locked into long-term capital investment and can negotiate flexible contract
• Ability to walk away from an implementation without big financial write-off

(List reprinted from ‘Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report 2010-2011’ DMG Consulting LLC)

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