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Hosted Contact Center – Strong Features and Affordability Drive Growth

Hosted contact center technology offers powerful features, unmatched affordability, speed of setup and ease of operation that attract wise contact center managers.

Hosted contact center technology offers simplicity of operation, and such a low on-site footprint, that contact centers have eager to replace on-premises PBX equipment with a virtual contact center setup. The typical hosted contact center installation only requires PC’s, a USB headset, and a broadband connection.

The rich feature set provided with a hosted contact center implementation increases agent productivity.

Hosted contact center offers powerful features and affordability.

Hosted Contact Center Features and Affordability Attract Contact Center Managers

Hosted Contact Features

Many popular features are available in the hosted contact center configurations offered by VoIP service providers. For the hosted contact center, all the features are provisioned from the cloud and are available to all agents, including remote agents and team members located in the contact center facility.

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Skills Based Call Routing
  • Time of Day Call Routing
  • Call Recording and Storage
  • Inbound Call Queues
  • IVR / Auto Attendant
  • QA Input, Tracking, Reporting
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Voice Logging
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding

Hosted Contact Center Business Benefits

Features Available to All Agents Equally

Hosted contact centers offer business benefits that are unmatched by on-premises PBX equipment. From the beginning, the cloud-hosted contact center is designed to support remote agents with the same features and capabilities available to agents working in the contact center.

In other words, the features originate in the cloud and are equally available to contact center team members and to remote agents worldwide. No special provisions are required to stretch, bridge, or extend features from a local hardware-based PBX out to remote agents working from home or remote centers.

Powerful Features

Cloud hosted contact centers incorporate nearly all the features traditionally provided with hardware-based PBX switches, and then add more capabilities based around VoIP connectivity. Hosted contact center services offer a tremendous selection of features, but the web interface included makes it easy to manage call queues, call forwarding rules, and time of day call routing (as examples) from anywhere in the world. A contact center manager attending a conference in Toronto can check call queues for his contact center in Milwaukee from his iPad, it’s that simple.

Workforce Management

Contact centers can experience large spikes in traffic. Spikes can arise just from a time of day cycle, or from campaign events like direct response TV advertising, email campaign mail drops, or a press release regarding a product upgrade offer. In the travel and hospitality industry, simple air fare changes can result in a large spike in inbound calls to a contact center.

The hosted contact center cloud infrastructure makes it possible to nearly instantly add remote agents to handle spikes in inbound traffic. Remote agents are virtually switched on to meet demand. With this capability, contact center managers don’t have to pay for unused seats on a traditional PBX, and don’t have to pay for idle agents standing by waiting on the next spike.

Contact Center Scalability

Cloud hosted contact center technology offers complete scalability without requiring additional space for on-premises equipment and cabling. All internet-wired seats in the building can be switched on live, nearly instantly. In addition, enormous numbers of remote agents can be added on the fly.


VoIP service providers offer a wide variety of pricing plans intended to target different customer markets. Various plans reported include or combine pricing by extension, pricing by extension with a block of outbound calling minutes included, pricing per telephone number, and flat rate pricing for unlimited seats and charges for outbound minutes. What all the plans usually have in common is a very affordable, and predictable, monthly cost.

An affordable monthly cost is easy to budget and easy to justify on a business basis. Having a predictable and affordable monthly cost removes business risk from the equation, enabling the contact center manager to spend time on managing staff, improving agent performance, improving conversion rates, reducing turnover, and improving customer retention.

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