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Hosted IVR – Clever Features and Quick Setup Great for Startups

A well designed IVR system should be a convenience your customers greatly appreciate. Instead of waiting hours on hold to get to a live person, the IVR system can easily answer or route the caller to the appropriate department.

You can now have guaranteed customer satisfaction with the help of cloud hosted IVR, which is not only efficient and reliable but only takes a day to set up and relieves you of all hassles and doubts regarding providing the best customer service experience possible. Among the most exciting features of interactive voice response technology is the ability to interact with the customer and also collect valuable information.

Hosted IVR  comes with great and interesting features for Startups: 

Global Platform – The best thing about this cloud IVR system is that it is global. You now have a single platform that has a host of facilities not restricted to your physical location. It works globally to provide long distance calls from all countries in the world without any problems.

Great Uptime – This cloud based IVR is brilliant because it has the maximum uptime. The hosting facilities are spread all over the world so that the best uptime can be provided to customers. There is no failure and that is the best thing.

Low Cost – This facility of cloud hosted IVR would run with little to no upfront cost, low overheads for IT and also, the capacity to grow more IT lines on demand without any issues and difficulty. The deployment is quick, and the costs come down greatly when you look at the long term prospects of this facility.

Industry Standard Based – The industry standards like SIP, CCXML, VoiceXML and other standards are fully supported by this hosting system.

Great Service – Your cloud IVR’s are constantly monitored and managed through customer service solutions to ensure great service. The customer care is active 24 hours a day for 7 days a week so that problems, if any, are quickly tracked and resolved. The reviews of customers have been extremely good regarding customer service because the waiting time is little to non-existent.

Great Quality – Because of cloud hosted IVR, your customer service would improve a lot, and the quality of your services would be applauded.  The self-help system has been gaining great credibility in recent times, and your customers would be thankful for getting their problems sorted out as quickly as possible. This would improve the overall ratings of your applications and make you a household name.

The data is fully protected and the security is top notch regarding customer and application data as well. Not only hosting but deployment, designing and tuning facilities also come with the cloud hosting in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and better services for people making use of this service.

To learn more about Hosted IVR, visit the following links:

Salvador Stabler

Salvador Stabler

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Salvador Stabler
Salvador Stabler

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