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Hosted PBX Features Offered Vary from Basic to Robust

VoIP PBX features vary widely by vendor.

VoIP PBX Features

Hosted PBX features offered by VoIP providers vary from basic to robust. You have to be very careful in selecting a VoIP service provider to make sure you get the features you need.

In a review of vendor web sites completed 30 April 2013, we checked 25 popular features and 8 vendors that appear frequently in search results for “hosted pbx service”.

Each of the features was offered by at least 2 vendors, some by all 8 vendors. Only AVOXI offered all 25 hosted PBX features.

The leading two vendors, AVOXI and a competitor, offered 25 and 19 features, respectively. The trailing vendors, however, offered only 7 features, on average. Only 2 essential features were offered by all 8 vendors.

What’s Hosted PBX?

A fully hosted PBX is a private branch exchange phone system that is offered as a service by a VoIP service provider. It is characterized by the installation of only a small network interface at the business place, with all the computer and switching hardware being located at the VoIP service provider’s data center.

Hosted PBX – Most Popular Features

Most Popular Hosted PBX Features

The most popular features offered, as viewed on vendor web sites, are IVR/Auto Attendant, and Call Forwarding. These were offered by all 8 vendors sampled, and are essential core features of hosted PBX service.

A second tier of features, including Voicemail to Email, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Retrieval, and Call Recording were each provided by 5 of the 8 vendors.

A third tier of features, including Toll Free Numbers, Hunt Groups, and FAX to Email were included in hosted PBX feature packages offered by the vendors sampled.

Hosted PBX – Service Offerings by Vendor

Hosted PBX Features Offered

Of the 8 vendors sampled, we compared and charted the top 6 to show the number of service features offered by each. For each vendor, we gathered the list of features offered from the hosted PBX page for each vendor, and from any downloadable PBX features documents that did not require signing up for contact.

Note that these vendors included IVR/Auto Attendant and Call Forwarding features, as well as from 4 to 23 additional features. Of all vendors reviewed, AVOXI was the only VoIP service provider to offer all 25 hosted PBX features, including international toll free numbers.

Hosted PBX Features References

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David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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