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How Do South Africa Toll Free Numbers Work?

how do south africa toll free numbers work?

With the amount of Toll Free numbers on the market, our customers can often have confusion about the capabilities and the restrictions associated with a specific number. We completely understand. Capabilities and restrictions vary country by country and it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between them. To help clear up any confusion, we’ve written this article specifically about South Africa Toll Free numbers. We’ll talk about their specific functionality and restrictions so you can get a clear understanding of how this type of Toll Free number works.

South Africa Toll Free Numbers

South Africa Toll Free numbers are also referred to as SmartAccess Service or Telkom 0800 numbers. This type of Toll Free number follows the same format as a UK Toll Free number.
They start with the prefix 0800 followed by 6 unique digits.
0800 XXX XXX

Who Can Call a South Africa Toll Free Number?

South Africa Toll Free numbers can be called from any phone, landline, mobile, VoIP or pay phone, within the country of South Africa.

However, unlike some Toll Free numbers that are accessible in other countries, South Africa Toll Free numbers can only be called within South Africa.

The Cost to Call a South Africa Toll Free Number

South Africa Toll Free numbers are Toll Free for callers within South Africa using their landline, mobile, VoIP or pay phone. That’s the beauty of Toll Free numbers; the owner of the phone number pays for the call instead of the caller.

However, hotels aren’t required to provide free calls to this type of number. Because of that, charges may be incurred for callers using a hotel’s phone line.

A South Africa Toll Free number is a great option for companies and individuals looking for better communication within that country. Now that we’ve talked about the specifics behind this number, we hope you now have a better understanding of the capabilities and functionality you can expect out of it.

David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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