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How Much Do China 400 Numbers Cost?

How Much Do China 400 Numbers Cost?

How Much Do China 400 Numbers Cost?

Toll Free numbers are widely requested for businesses around the world. Not only do they give your customers a way to contact you free of charge, they give your business a virtual presence in a particular country.

As a Toll Free number provider ourselves, we’re often asked about the cost of these numbers. We’re happy to answer that. In this article, we’ll focus on China 400 numbers. We’ll talk about the specifics behind this number and the different costs associated with it.

China 400 Numbers

Toll Free numbers in China are offered in two different ways. You either choose a 400 number or a 10 800 number. Each of these numbers offer a particular service.

China 400 numbers serve the entire country, including both North and South China. They’re popular because a single number can be called country-wide and are accessible from mobile phones as well. These numbers start with 400 followed by a 1 and six digits.
400 1XXX XXX

How Much Do China 400 Numbers Cost?

Depending on your carrier, Toll Free numbers are offered in a number of ways. A majority of them are offered for a monthly price.

Toll Free numbers are commonly packaged with a bundle of minutes. These plans are offered at different tiers depending on the number of minutes that are included along with the number. The monthly cost increases as the number of minutes increase. Low end bundle packages for this type of number start around $50 a month but for more minutes, these plans can exceed a thousand dollars a month.

Other carriers will offer you the number at a monthly cost and then you’ll be charge separately for minutes. The price for a number on its own averages around $14 a month. Keep in mind, there will be a per minute cost associated with your number. This is typically around a 20 cents a minute.

Following along the same lines as the last plan, some carriers sell their number individually but bundle it with their Cloud PBX service. A Cloud PBX gives your phone number the functionality of a business phone by offering calling features such as call recording and call forwarding. Numbers like this are typically priced around $50 a month. Keep in mind, like the last plan, you’ll be charged a per minute cost.

Regardless of which plan you choose, Toll Free numbers are essential in the modern business world.

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