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How Much Do International Toll Free Numbers Cost?

If you’re shopping around for a Toll Free number, you’re probably wondering how much it’ll cost. Well we’re here to help. In this article we’ll explain the main factors that influence the cost of a Toll Free number and talk about the options available on the market for one of these numbers.

The cost of a Toll Free number depends on a number of factors:

  • Where the call originates
  • Where the call will be terminated
  • How the call will be answered (VoIP, Landline, Cell Phone)

Originating Country

The first step in figuring out how much your Toll Free number will cost is to decide what country you want the number for. Toll Free numbers are country specific so you’ll have to purchase a number for each country your customers are located in. For instance, if your customers are located in France and the United States, you’ll need a France Toll Free number and a US Toll Free number. Prices vary depending on which country you need.

Terminating Country

Next, you’ll have to choose where you want your calls sent. This is the country where you and your employees are located and where you’ll answer the calls you receive from your Toll Free number.

Both the originating and terminating country play a role in not only the cost of the phone number but the cost per-minute for each call.

They way you receive the calls, over VoIP, landline or cell phone, also influences the cost of your Toll Free number.

Forwarding to VoIP

Receiving calls over VoIP is the cheapest option of the three options because unlike landlines and cell phones, you can manage your own VoIP system.

Forwarding to a Landline

Forwarding to a landline is a more expensive option because it requires the call to be delivered over traditional phone lines. When the call is transmitted over the phone line, the phone company who owns the wire adds additional charges to transmit the call.

Forwarding to a Cell Phone

Receiving calls on a cell phone is also a more expensive option. Just like with landlines, cell phone companies tack extra charges onto incoming calls.

Numbers are typically offered in two ways, individually or bundled.

If you decide to choose a number individually, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee for the number itself and then you’ll be responsible for the rate per-minute that you talk. Both the cost of the number and the per-minute fee vary based on the criteria mentioned about above.

Numbers are also offered already bundled with a specific number of talking minutes. In this case, you’ll be charged a monthly fee for the number and a set amount of minutes. Most providers offer tiered plans so different quantities of minutes are available. The cost of the number with bundled minutes will vary based on the criteria mentioned above.

If you’re interested in a Toll Free number, do your homework You’ll have an easier time shopping around when you fully understand your needs. Keep the above points in mind and you’ll be on your way to purchasing this convenient and useful phone number.

David Wise

David Wise

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at AVOXI
David has more than 18 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry. A graduate of the Citadel, David worked as a Senior Account Executive with Intermedia Communications and later co-founded Rapid Link, a leading provider of International callback and VoIP. David then founded AVOXI in 2001with a focus on providing niche international call center markets with customized voice and data services. read more
David Wise
David Wise

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