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How Much Does a Mexico Toll Free Number Cost?

How much does a mexico toll free number cost?

For many modern businesses, Toll free numbers have become the go-to number for their company since their callers do not have to pay for the charges.

Since we offer a wide-range of Toll Free numbers, we get a lot of questions about these kind of numbers for their business. A Toll Free number can be bought practically anywhere, but the prices depend on some factors. In this post we will enlighten you about Mexico Toll Free Numbers and all the costs you need to know that are associated with this number.

Mexico Toll Free Numbers

A Toll Free number from Mexico is requested quite a lot on the market, and these kind of numbers begin with either 01 800 or 001 800 followed by seven digits.
01 800 XXX XXXX
01 800 XXX XXXX

Since there is an abundance of Mexico Toll Free numbers, getting one is rather easy. Many Toll Free providers will even keep quite a few Mexico numbers in stock. Whether you plan on using this number seldomly or frequently, you will have plenty of different plans out there for your international toll free services.


Toll Free Numbers are usually charged month by month. However, the monthly cost is dependent on what kind of plan you choose to use.

Sometimes, Toll Free numbers come already bundled with a set amount of minutes to use. This type of plan is usually tiered and tend to be pricier as the number of minutes increases. If you are looking for a plan with less minutes, it will cost around $30 a month. High-minute users can be as expensive as a few hundred dollars per month.

There are also plans available that will charge a flat rate for just the number and charge a per minute fee for usage. In this plan, the Toll Free number will costs about $14 a month. You can then expect an originating and terminating fee for each minute on your bill.

  • Originating fees are defined by the location where the call comes from, and terminating fees are based on the call delivery. In this particular instance, the originating fee would come from Mexico since this Toll Free number is a Mexico number, and terminating fees are dependent where the call will come in: either mobile, landline or VoIP phone. What many people don’t know is that many providers will not charge a termination fee when calls are forwarded to VoIP.

Much like the last plan, Toll Free providers sell their numbers already bundled with their own Cloud PBX. This system gives numbers many capabilities like time of day routing. The number will could around $22 a month and come will plenty of advanced calling features, but you will still receive an origination and terminating fee.

Do you want a Mexico Toll Free Number? Make sure to study the options and plans on the market today. Keep track of your calling habits and explore what calling features you need to select the best plan for you and your business.

David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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