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How Much Does a South Africa Toll Free Number Cost?

How Much Does a South Africa Toll Free Number Cost?

How Much Does a South Africa Toll Free Number Cost?

If your business has not utilized the power of a Toll Free number, it’s important to consider the benefits for your callers, since they will not be charged for the call.

Instead, the owner of the number will cover the charges on the customer’s behalf. Here at AVOXI, we constantly get new questions in regard to the cost of Toll Free numbers. Even though you can purchase a Toll Free number in pretty much every country, prices do vary quite a bit depending on some crucial factors. We hope to clarify any confusion with South Africa Toll Free Numbers and the costs associated with this particular kind of number.

South Africa Toll Free Numbers

Surprisingly, South Africa is a highly-requested Toll Free Number in today’s market. This kind of number starts with 0800 followed by six digits like the following format:


A South Africa Toll Free number is rather easy to get, and you will even find that many providers offer multiple South Africa Toll Free numbers to choose from. No matter what kind of usage you plan on getting out of your number, there are a variety of plans out there for international toll free services.


Most Toll Free Numbers are charged on a monthly basis, and the monthly cost is different based on which type of plan you decided to go with.

Sometimes, Toll Free numbers are offered in bundles with a certain number of minutes. These plans are convenient, but they cost more as usage increases. Plans that consist of less minutes start at $30 per month and can cost as a few hundred dollars for high-minute users.

If you prefer to purchase a Toll Free plans that will charge a flat rate for the number itself, you will also have to pay a per minute charge for usage. In this kind of plan, the number alone will run you around $14 a month, along with an originating and terminating fee for each minute on the call.

  • In case you aren’t sure what these fees are, an originating fee is based on where the call is made, while the terminating fee comes from how the call is delivered/sent to. In this instance, the originating fee would come from South Africa and the terminating fee is based on where the call will ring to: mobile, landline or VoIP. Please note that many Toll Free providers won’t charge a termination fee if calls are forwarded to VoIP.  You’d only receive an originating fee.

There are some providers that will sell their Toll Free number included in a bundle with their Cloud PBX. A Cloud PBX will give your number many capabilities like call recording and time of day routing. You’ll still be charged the above-mentioned fees, but with this plan costing you around $22 a month, you’ll also be able to utilize plenty of calling features.

If you are interested or in need of a South Africa Toll Free number, you have plenty options and plans to choose from. Make sure you study your business’s calling habits to discover which calling features you need that will guide your decision in which plan works best for you.

David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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