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How Much Does Call Waiting Cost?

How Much Does Call Waiting Cost?

Call Waiting, as basic as it may seem, is one of the most popular calling features for our VoIP customers. Because of this, we’re often asked about the cost behind this feature. We’re happy to answer that! For those of you just starting your research on this feature, we’ll start by talking about what Call Waiting is and then dive into the question, “how much does Call Waiting cost?”

What is Call Waiting?

Call Waiting is a feature that notifies you when someone is calling you while you are currently on the phone. When you’re receiving an incoming call, you’ll hear a beep notifying you that someone, besides your current caller, is trying to reach you. Using the buttons on your phone, you can easily switch between the two phone calls so you can make sure you don’t send someone straight to voicemail. This is extremely beneficial for the caller because instead of hearing a busy signal, the caller will hear a regular ringing sound.

How Much Does Call Waiting Cost?

For VoIP users, the Call Waiting feature is often included free of charge with the use of your provider’s Cloud PBX or service plan. A Cloud PBX allows your company to have a modern, sophisticated phone system without all the technology. Instead, your phone system is managed through your VoIP provider and offered as a Cloud PBX. Within this, you’ll receive a number of calling features including Call Waiting, Call Recording and IVR.

The cost of a Cloud PBX varies depending on the type of plan your VoIP provider offers.

Some Cloud PBXs are bundled with the products your VoIP provider offers. For instance, for an average of $22 a month per number, you can purchase a number that already comes with a the Cloud PBX service.

Other Cloud PBXs are sold separately and once purchased, can work in conjunction with your number. Starting around $25 a month, you can add a Cloud PBX to your existing service.

If your VoIP provider doesn’t offer this service, talk to them about adding Call Waiting individually. The benefits to this feature are essential in the modern business world. With a world based around reliability and quick results, Call Waiting helps to make sure you never miss a customer’s call.

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