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How to Choose Quality VoIP Phones For Your Small Business

VoIP Phones can make you save money. When opening a new business, you probably have one main objective on your mind; spending as little money as possible.

While in some cases this should be a high priority, there are other times when you should be focusing on the quality of the service.
While it may seem that all VOIP phones are similar, that’s not always the case. When choosing a phone for your business, it’s important to make an informed decision and not just go with the cheapest option.

VoIP phones can range in price from around $40 to upwards of $400.

There are many differences between the different models and it may seem overwhelming to make the decision on your own. The good news is we don’t recommend deciding on your own. First you need to make sure that your IP phone is compatible with the VoIP phone service provider your selecting. Also you need to make sure what protocols and codec’s are supported by the VoIP phone service provider.

Next, be sure to talk your agents and listen to what their needs are. Most times you’ll find that your employees have very different features that they’re looking for in a business phone. Try and stay open about the different models to choose from based on what your employees want and need. This can not only save you money and your employees’ frustration, but it also helps your business function smoothly and properly.

When your business begins to grow, you’ll want your employees to be able to handle the work load.

Being prepared for this is the easiest, most efficient way for your employees to handle the shift. The time to learn a new phone system isn’t in the midst of being busy; that just gets frustrating, time consuming and unpleasant for customers. However, if your business is expanding and you haven’t had the chance to upgrade to more appropriate VOIP phones yet, you shouldn’t wait because of this. You don’t want to continue running your business with equipment that’s not able to handle the demands of your customers. Also remember that you will need a SIP-enable phone to make it work with your VoIP phone service provider.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which phone to get, just think like a customer. Imagine you’re calling your business looking for help. You want to know that the person on the other end is capable of assisting you in any way you need. You want to make sure that your call is answered and dealt with quickly and efficiently. You also want to make sure the quality of the call is crystal clear. A VoIP phone system that doesn’t have enough lines for your call to be answered is one of the easiest ways for a business to lose customers.

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