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How to Get a Toll Free Number

Toll Free Numbers – Everything you need to know about getting one. It’s fast, easy and AVOXI does all the work.

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Successful entrepreneurs know that communication is essential to providing quality customer service. If you’re unable to effectively communicate with your customers, than potential is limited. Toll free numbers open the line of communication by allowing customers to contact your business free of charge.

Get Your Toll Free Number in Three Easy Steps

If you think obtaining a toll free number is a difficult task, think again. The process is simple and most service providers can set up your number within 24-48 hours.

Step 1: Decide the channel through which your calls will be answered.

  • Landline
  • Cell Phone
  • VoIP

Step 2: Thoroughly research toll free number providers and choose one that best suits your company’s size, budget and needs. See VoIP Providers – How to Choose the Best for a couple of helpful tips.

Step 3: Once you’ve found a reliable service provider, determine which type of toll free number would be most beneficial to your business. This is why it’s helpful to know your client base. For instance, you wouldn’t need an international toll free number if all of your customers are located in the United States.

Promote Your Business with a Vanity Toll Free Number

Vanity toll free numbers begin with numeric digits and end with a word or acronym (i.e. 1-800 FLOWERS or 1-800 GOT JUNK). This type of number is a memorable way to inform the customer about your business. Most people won’t remember a phone number at a glance, but an appealing vanity number makes it hard not to.

Use Your Toll Free Number as a Marketing Tool

Research shows that toll free numbers positively impact marketing and advertising efforts. You can easily track customer responses when running multiple ad campaigns by using a unique number in each ad. Because toll free numbers can be used to improve your marketing strategy, you could end up cutting your company’s expenses on other advertising methods.

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David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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