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VoIP Telephone Training Mandatory for Call Center Agents

VoIP telephone systems make call center agent training easier. In a hyper-competitive call center environment, great VoIP telephone skills are mandatory.

VoIP Telephone Training for Your Call Center Agents

Your call center agents who make and receive calls in your call center are the heart of your business, all within a very competitive industry. Because they’re such an important part of your business, increasing your call center agents productivity can create strong business benefits for your business over time. One of the easiest ways to improve productivity is to provide each agent with basic VoIP telephone training.

You could look at the VoIP telephone is as nothing more than a general purpose telephonic device that is fairly simple to use, just like a normal telephone. This would, unfortunately, overlook the tremendous advantages that these high-tech phones offer.

Tremendous business advantages, and profits, can be gained by leveraging the advanced features that the modern VoIP telephone offers. To get the business advantages and profits, you have to train your call center agents to use those advanced features. Your call center agents need to be skilled and have experience with all the advanced features offered. Your agents must be so skilled that they can use the advanced features quickly and effectively when the call center lines are ringing.

VoIP Telephones Easy to Configure for Audio Recording

One of the most useful features of a typical VoIP telephone device is that its easy to configure for audio recording.

Most VoIP telephone brands allow you to simply record all conversations for review at a later time. By recording conversations, a supervisor or trainer will be able to carefully look at the calls completed by a call center agent for later performance review. By finding the common mistakes a new call center agent makes during training, it is possible to vastly improve the new call center agent’s productivity before joining the team.

VoIP Telephone Station

VoIP Telephone Station

Call Transfer – An Important Feature

Another hugely beneficial VoIP telephone feature that comes into play during the training process is the ability to hand off calls to other agents and supervisors. While legacy analog phones can do this, they tend to also be more complex and more difficult to use.

A VoIP system can usually make the switch to another agent in a far easier, seamless, way. The big benefit here is that, with this feature, a call center agent in training can hear an experienced agent work the problem or handle the sales opportunity.

VoIP Telephone Sound Quality and Barge In Feature

VoIP telephone sound quality is surprisingly good. New call center agents may be unaccustomed to spending so much time on the phone. They may also have difficulty separating nearby conversations from telephone conversations.

Fortunately, the improved sound clarity offered by modern VoIP telephone systems can give a very crisp signal in the call center agent’s headset that makes the caller’s voice pop out above ambient noise. This can help make the time on the phone less tiring for new agents.

In addition, VoIP service providers like AVOXI offer a barge-in feature that is very helpful during training. With this feature, the trainer or manager can guide the agent through the phone call at the same time the agent is speaking to the customer. The customer will not be able to hear the manager and the agent can be easily trained on best practices.

All these factors combine to help make new agent training more effective, and to immediately improve new agent productivity. In this way, VoIP telephone-based training can help make your call center, and all it’s agents, much more competitive.

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