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Hybrid Cloud Solutions Provide Flexibility

A hybrid cloud solution for call centers is a solution that includes at least one private cloud and one public cloud within a company’s call center solution.  This solution is generally used in call centers that have invested in an on-premise telephony solution within the past 10 years that is still functioning, but want to gradually make the move to a hosted call center solution.  It can also be used by call centers that have privacy concerns, like banks or insurance companies, and need to store some information on a private cloud, but don’t want the extra expenses of paying for costly hardware that’s unnecessary.

One of the biggest benefits of hybrid cloud solutions is the scalability provided to the call center.  Whether the need for scalability is for a growing business, or a business that experiences high volumes of calls and a need for more agents during certain seasons, a hosted call center solution is the best way to handle the influx of calls.  However, when a call center has already invested in on-premise hardware that is up to date, it’s hard to justify to upper management that the equipment be thrown away or no longer utilized.

Hybrid cloud solutions also provide call centers with all of the IT support from a hosted cloud provider.  The hosted cloud provider can ensure that the call center telephony solution is up and working correctly, remains up to date with any needed software upgrades, and has all of the failover and redundancy needed to ensure constant reliability.

Hybrid cloud solutions allow businesses to move over to the cloud while still utilizing the on-premise equipment that they’ve already invested in.  Finally, the hybrid cloud solution allows businesses to pick and choose what best fits their needs for their customer service and call center solutions.

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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