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Inbound Call Center Outsourcing – A Quick Guide

 If your business is looking to outsource customer service or inbound call center services, there are a lot of options out there. The biggest question facing most businesses is – who do we use?

Finding a contact center for your calls starts with you. Look closely at your business. The first step is to determine what you need to outsource – is it customer service, tech support, orders? Equally as important is what volume of calls do you expect the inbound call center to be handling? The more accurately you can answer this question, the better it will serve you when choosing a vendor and negotiating a contract. By thoroughly understanding your call volumes, you can also better estimate and negotiate pricing for outsourced services.

Another big question is should offshore outsourcing be considered? Offshore call centers or offshore outsourcing is the practice of utilizing an inbound call center in another country to handle your customer service calls. This is one of the fastest growing industries globally with call centers spread throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Offshore outsourcing can typically save companies from 25% to as much as 50% on outsourcing for customer service.

One of the pitfalls of offshore outsourcing can be the compromising of your customer’s experience or customer service. The quality of agents at offshore call centers can vary dramatically. Be sure you carefully investigate any offshore outsourcing you might be considering. How experienced is the outsourcer? Are there American managers onsite? Saving money can be alluring but finding a true outsourcing partner is the goal.

When deciding on a call center it is good to know what volume of calls your business will make up. A good range is 5% to 30% call volume at the inbound call center. If you are below 5%, the agents won’t be able to become familiar enough with your products or services. If the call volume is above 30%, your business might be pushing the limits of what the center can handle.

Lastly, be sure to focus on quality of service. Many call centers promise quality but cannot or do not deliver. Do the legwork. Call agents. Check references. Ask specific questions when it comes to special services your business needs. When you have found the right mix of competitive pricing and top quality service, you generally have a good fit for your outsourcing.

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