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Increase Your Campaign Response Rate with International Toll Free Numbers

Being a marketer, I understand the pressure of constantly having to increase your campaign response rates. Being in the communications industry, the results of a study on memorable international toll free numbers did not surprise me. The study shows that having memorable international toll free numbers can increase both your leads and sales by double digits!

That is pretty exciting news marketers. This means that you should really take time to pick a toll free number that will get the ROI that your upper management expects.

The study takes into account cognitive neuroscience and memory theory. It shows that consumers’ ability to recall numbers is limited and may depend on factors such as the sequence in which the numbers appear and how they are actually called out (for example in a radio ad). If you think of a commercial where the numbers are called out rapidly in a short period of time, the consumer does not have time to pay attention in order to store this number into their long term memory. Instead, short term memory is in charge of recalling the numbers. Stanislas Dehaene, a cognitive neuroscientist’s research shows that on average, a native English speaker has the ability to store a memory worth two seconds. This is not a considerable amount of time to recall a 10 digit number. However, when a number is memorable and related to something already familiar to the consumer, their ability to recall this number is enhanced.

By grouping numbers, you allow your consumer to recall more of them. When digits in your international toll free numbers are random, you are making it harder for your consumer to remember your phone number, thus your campaign response rate is low. Make sure to group your numbers and choose easy to remember sequences so you can substantially increase your inbound campaign results and sales without incurring additional expenses.

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David Wise

David Wise

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at AVOXI
David has more than 18 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry. A graduate of the Citadel, David worked as a Senior Account Executive with Intermedia Communications and later co-founded Rapid Link, a leading provider of International callback and VoIP. David then founded AVOXI in 2001with a focus on providing niche international call center markets with customized voice and data services. read more
David Wise
David Wise

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