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IP PBX Systems Gain Popularity

IP PBX systems are enjoying rapid adoption by SMB’s because IP PBX systems are the best business VoIP phone systems – offering robust features and low-cost.

SMB businesses are driving growth of cloud services, including now infrastructure as a service. This is because cloud services can be switched on almost instantly like a light switch, because the cloud services offer a wealth of features, and because cloud services can be billed as pay as you go

In the Parallels 2013 SMB Cloud Services market size survey, Parallels has observed a market growth for all cloud services from $15.1 billion in January 2012, to $18.9 billion in January 2013. This includes hosted servers, web presence, web applications, and all types of infrastructure as a service.

The shift toward cloud service has been led by successful business tools like IP PBX systems that are well-suited to the SMB market. Modern IP PBX systems offer a powerful set of features that work as business enablers, but the systems are very quick to set up. Further, the pay as you go billing, and the easy of scaling up make the IP PBX systems a good fit for startup companies.

IP PBX System Offers Robust Features and Low Cost.

IP PBX Systems Offer Robust Features, Low Cost, and Quick Startup

Hooking Up Your Business With IP PBX Systems

The image shown above represents a high level view of a IP PBX System that connects company offices in Singapore, New York, and St. Louis. New York and Singapore are equipped with modern VoIP phones and connect through a router to the Internet.

The St. Louis office has an existing legacy PBX, so they use a VoIP gateway to connect their PBX to the Internet.

Mobile users can be connected through the cloud. Traditional POTS users calling from desk phones or older cell phones can connect via the wired network of the PSTN public switched telephone network.

Assuredly network gurus would laugh at the simplification shown in the diagram, but it’s a good representation of how well VoIP telephony provides simplicity of operation through its cloud connections.

Better still, the hosted PBX service lives in the VoIP service provider’s data center and does not require maintenance staff at each company location.

IP PBX Systems in the Future – Four Predictions

IP PBX systems are enjoying wider adoption for companies of all sizes, so it’s clear that

  1. Hosted IP PBX systems will represent the majority of systems in use in just a few years.
  2. For the installed systems, we envision rapid expansion of programmed IVR applications and
  3. The addition of cloud-based collaboration tools.
  4. It’s also clear that more integration with web apps and cloud tools will be taking place, so that collaboration and communication will be very tightly bound and convenient for business users.

IP PBX Systems – References

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Bruce Brownlee

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Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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