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IVR Software Applications Deliver Business Benefits

IVR software applications deliver the business benefits of the IVR. IVR applications provide a wide range of functionality, programmability, and scalability.

IVR software delivers the business benefits of a hosted PBX service. A wide range of IVR applications provide a wide range of functionality, programmability, and scalability.

The IVR Platform has both an IVR Server and an Application Server

IVR Platform with IVR Server and Application Server

Many basic features you might expect from a cloud hosted IVR are provided by IVR software applications that run on the cloud hosted PBX server.

These include business critical functionality such as automated attendant or voice menu that lets callers select the person or department they’d like to reach. Call forwarding and voicemail would also be part of the core functions of an IVR system.

A number of other features that businesses rely on are actually individual IVR applications that run on IVR systems. Some common IVR applications include these features:

  • Advanced Call routing
  • Touch-tone inputs
  • Show customer information and phone number

Much more sophisticated IVR software applications can be programmed. For example, IVR applications have been configured to let you order movie tickets, check your bank account balance, make hotel and travel reservations, or renew a prescription at your pharmacy.

IVR Platform Supports IVR Applications

Modern IVR software applications are hosted on the IVR platform in which they run.

The IVR platform is a combination of a physical computer servers, telephony interfaces and communications cards, a server operating system, and a layer of software called an IVR server. The IVR server exposes, shares, and makes available all kinds of basic IVR functions.

These functions serve as the building blocks that IVR application developers incorporate into the IVR software applications that they develop. Each IVR application uses many of the building blocks, such as functions that display a caller ID, answer a call, or recite a voice menu.

Just in case someone asks, sometimes the IVR applications are hosted on a separate applications server that works with the IVR server. The IVR applications that run on the applications server still use the IVR building blocks that the IVR server provides.

IVR Software Applications Connect to Everything!

IVR software applications use the IVR platform, and the building block functionality that it provides. to connect to everything. Through a VoIP connection to the Internet, the IVR software application can touch computers with soft phones and VoIP phones that remote agents and customs use.

IVR applications can also interface to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), depending on the interface provided as part of the IVR system.

Benefits from IVR Software Applications and IVR Systems

The great diversity of IVR applications possible provide real business benefits for companies that rely on hosted PBX servers with IVR applications on board.

For example, IVR software applications help solve staffing issues by providing an automated attendant. In addition, 24×7 operation is provided, including supporting special after-hours rules for call forwarding or emergency handling.

IVR software applications can also support multiple languages, recite endless lists of data like account balances, appointment times, business locations or hours of operation, and provide some basic FAQ assistance to customers after hours.

Speculating on the Future of IVR Applications

Let’s imagine what might be next for IVR applications.

Is there a reason that an IVR couldn’t gather your caller ID and promise to call you back when an agent or support representative is available? This would be something like a remote “camp on” feature.

Why couldn’t an IVR interact with your smart phone? Could you call into the company IVR and get both audio and video messages, hear updates and make changes to your calendar for the day?

And couldn’t IVR’s integrate better with digital marketing campaigns that rely on call tracking and pools of 800 numbers? Since we know who the customer is, and we know the customer geo information and which offer the customer saw, can’t we use a customized IVR software application to provide a completely personalized introduction and offer to the prospective customer?

Many good things are yet to come from IVR applications, but today there are so many outstanding and practical applications available that business owners can get real benefits today.

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