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Malwarebytes Causes Computer Crashes

An update from Windows malware removers Malwarebytes has caused thousand of computers across the world to crash, causing plenty of headaches for IT managers.

The problems emerged on Monday, April 15th, and even though the update was quickly pulled, Malwarebytes forums were flooded with complaints from those who experienced computer errors.

Malwarebytes has been extremely apologetic, promising to do better in the future.  “I want to offer my sincere apology to our millions of customers and free users”, company founder Marcin Keczynski wrote in a blog post.  “I started this company because I thought everyone was entitled to malware-free computing.  We acted overzealously in that mission and realize far superior procedures around updating are needed.  More was expected of us, and we failed…Working day and night, we are commissioning several new resources to stop this from happening again.  We are building more redundancy to check our researchers work and improving our peer review.”

The company has pushed out a tool to fix the issue, which the blog links to.  Alternatively, users can go through the Malwarebytes support team.

The error came only a few days after Microsoft shoved out an update that caused systems to crash and Kaspersky anti-virus to stop working.

Malware and Call Center Security

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