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Marketing with Vanity 800 Numbers

Vanity 800 Numbers Increase Response Rate

Well Known Brands Use Vanity 800 Numbers to Increase Response Rate and Overall Campaign ROI.

Vanity 800 numbers make your online and offline campaigns more effective. They increase the call-in response rate and overall campaign ROI. Vanity 800 numbers are effective because of a quirk of human memory. People who find it hard to remember random phone numbers also find that it’s difficult to forget catchy vanity numbers like 1-800 Flowers.

Vanity 800 numbers are toll free numbers that use 1-800, 888, 877, 866 or 855, and end with a word or acronym that promotes and represents the sponsoring organization. Vanity 800 numbers are sometimes called toll free phonewords.

“Phonewords” have been used in the United States for more than 30 years.

Vanity 800 Numbers Advantages

Ability to carry consistent branding across web addresses and phone numbers, for example 1-800-FLOWERS and  There are several easy to understand reasons to use vanity 800 numbers.

  • Easy to Remember
  • Matches Product or Campaign Branding
  • Instant Credibility
  • Stronger Market Presence
  • Increased ROI – Better Response Rate
  • Boosts Consumer Recall

Offline Advantages for Vanity 800 Numbers

Choosing a vanity 800 number to align with your website domain names is good, but aligning it to your marketing message or product name can be even better. That makes it possible to include your vanity 800 number in print, email, billboard, packaging, television and radio advertising, and social media campaigns. If your business is My Tires, then your vanity 1-888-MyTires goes well with your domain, and all that works great in any campaign you can imagine.

Studies have shown a 58% increase in calls with radio ads featuring a vanity 800 number, over ads that used only numeric digits.

Using your vanity 800 number with all your campaigns will help your offline campaigns convert better. With the consistent call to action across all channels, your customers will get one message, and one call to action.

Normally, nearly half the customers will choose to call instead of fill out a paper form or web registration.

For this reason, using a vanity 800 number that is memorable and aligned with your branding can ensure the success of half your campaign spending.

For this reason, selecting a vanity 800 number that is memorable and appealing can be the key to the overall success of your entire campaign.

Anecdotal Evidence for Vanity 800 Numbers is All Positive

Take note that large-budget advertisers rely heavily on vanity 800 numbers. They wouldn’t do it if it did not give their campaigns a better conversion rate, customer response, and sales.

* Reportedly, 100% of television ads used in Super Bowl 24 used vanity 800 numbers.

* 64% of all television ads use vanity 800 numbers.

* A high percentage of B2B and consumer website ads surveyed use easy to remember vanity 800 numbers.

Selecting a Vanity 800 Number

Your VoIP service provider can help you select a vanity 800 number, and will suggest the important considerations:

  • Seven letters
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to remember
  • Matches your branding and terms
  • In some cases, matches your website domain for your wheel and tire business
  • No trademark violation
  • Avoid unintentional slurs

Vanity 800 Numbers References

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