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Online Gambling to Spread in the United States

Although online gambling is legal in about 70 countries, in the United States, it was illegal until 2011 under the Wire Act of 1961.  However, the act has been changed to state that only online sports’ betting was illegal.  With the new interpretation of the act, California, New Jersey, and Nevada are all attempting to pass laws that would allow online gambling.

California State Sen. Roderick Wright has introduced SB 51, which would have the state issue five-year licenses to operate Internet gambling websites, with eligible bidders including Indian tribes, card clubs, horseracing associations and online advanced deposit wagering sites.  If the bill passes, it is expected to up to $200 million annually to the state.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie recently vetoed a bill that would have made online gambling legal in the state.  However, Christie did give guidelines that would enable the bill to be passed soon: there would need to be a higher tax rate on casinos, as well as a 10-year trial period.  Although this is the second time Christie has vetoed the bill, supporters of online gambling have hope that it will soon be passed.

In light of Christie’s decision to become more open to online gambling, Nevada is rushing to implement online gambling in its own state.  Gov. Brian Sandoval released a statement the day after Christie, asking lawmakers to act quickly to ensure the state maintains its place as the nation’s leader in gambling regulation.  Nevada’s existing online gambling regulations state that companies cannot accept wagers across state lines, but Assembly Bill 5 would get rid of that requirement and allow Sandoval to enter into interstate online gambling agreements with other governors.

*UPDATE: Both New Jersey and Nevada have joined Delaware in legalizing online gambling.

Nevada’s governor, Brian Sandoval signed legislation Thursday, February 21st, legalizing online gambling in Nevada.  New Jersey followed suit, legalizing only 5 days after Nevada, on Tuesday, February 26th.  Both residents and visitors to the three states will be able to participate in online gambling, including poker, online slot machines, and casino games such as blackjack.  The three states have legalized online gambling in hopes that tourism and state revenue will increase.


Toll free numbers have been an integral part of online gambling in other countries for years, and will follow suit in the United States.

AVOXI offers toll free numbers in over 100 countries, and the numbers include features like call forwarding, time of day routing, call redirect, call recording, IVR, and automatic call distribution. Most importantly, AVOXI can offer online gaming companies a US 800 number that will work only from the states where online gambling is legal. Through the advanced geographic routing feature, geo call blocking, online gaming companies can stay compliant and make sure that the US toll free number is only allowing customers from states who have legal rights to gamble are contacting their company.

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise
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