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Security Tip #1 – Best practices using computers

These days, the key word with nearly every business no matter how large or small is- security. Security is paramount for any business.

And while security might seem to be the domain of a few key IT or technology employees, everyone within a company can do his or her part to help keep sensitive information safe. With that in mind, I will be offering a regular blog entry with security tips for your business.

Best practices

Security Tip #1 — Best practices using computers

  • Screensavers — Screensavers should be set to activate within 10 minutes of walking away. That is the maximum time you should be away from your computer before your screensaver would turn on. If you know you are going to be leaving your workstation more than 10 minutes, please lock your screen immediately.
  • Passwords — Passwords should be changed quarterly and be very difficult for people to figure out. It should be at least 8 characters long and have one Uppercase and one number in it. It’s easier than you think to do this.  
  • DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORDS — Usernames and passwords are given to you and only you for a reason and system security is based on who you are and what you should be allowed to access.
  • Traveling – When you have a need to travel with your company computer, please be aware of your surroundings. For example:
  • If you are taking your laptop home with you, but need to stop on the way home – make sure you hide your laptop before leaving the office parking lot and not when you arrive. Moving your laptop to a hidden location while at your destination can have the same results as leaving it in plain site. 
  • If you are traveling on a plane, please be mindful of what you are working on. DO NOT work on company sensitive data, such as network diagrams, finances, any customer data (name, phone numbers, potential sales, etc). Shoulder surfing is never easier than when people are crammed into close spaces like a plane.

Tim Bloomer, CISSP

Corporate Information Security Officer

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