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Small Business VoIP Phone System – It’s Time to Grow Your Business!

Business VoIP System – What is a VoIP?
“VoIP is the transmission of voice over digital networks, rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN).”

Source: VoIp What is it and How Does It Work?

Think Your Business Doesn’t Need a VoIP System? Think Again!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now the accepted standard phone technology for businesses of any size world-wide.  Businesses today can’t afford not to consider VoIP systems, especially if they plan on scaling their business successfully into the future. Businesses today who are currently using VoIP system are seeing record breaking growth in efficiency, productivity, and most importantly, consumer satisfaction.  Businesses can no longer ignore the great benefits of implementing a VoIP system.  Take a look at the following recent stats:

Three reasons why you can’t afford not to implement a Business VoIP System:

  1. 79% of customers – that had a negative experience with a company told others about it.  Source: Harris Interactive
  2. “89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.” Source: Harris Interactive
  3. by 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. Source: Gartner 

Advantages of Business VoIP Systems 

Since data is transferred in packets such as voice, fax, and other data over a shared network, businesses can dramatically cut recurring phone charges, which makes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions cheaper than making calls over a a more traditional Public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Business VoIP System advantages: 

  • Lower cost – Ditch the big phone bills.
  • Portability – voip can be access anywhere you can access the internet.
  • Minimal IT Support – Free your IT staff, because system management takes place in the cloud.
  • Scale Up/Scale Down – Highly flexible, quick to deploy.
  • Automatic Upgrades – Software updates and changes take place automatically.
  • Customization – Ability to easily customize your own custom solutions.
  • Secure – Highly secure, reliable, and great support.

The advantages of implementing a VoIP system far outweighs the disadvantages. VoIP offers many additional features not commonly found in traditional phone systems such as multi-party calling, call waiting, call forwarding, call redirect, caller id, and many more.  At the end of the day it all comes down to what your business needs are, but like most businesses,  it’s all about the customer. Without customers you don’t really have a business, in essence it all boils down to making sure your customer have the best experience possible. Creating an amazing and unforgettable customer experience should be at the very top of every business owners goals. And what better way to do just that with a highly reliable and flexible VoIP system for your business. It’s time to take your business to next level and start giving your clients the magical customer service experience they deserve.

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Salvador Stabler

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Salvador Stabler
Salvador Stabler

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