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How Much Do Peru Toll Free Numbers Cost?

If you’re shopping for a new Toll Free number, you’re probably aware of the variety of plans and options on the market. Because of this, our customers are sometimes confused about how much specific Toll Free numbers will actually cost. In this article, we’ll answer, “how much do Peru Toll Free numbers cost?” and explore the different pricing options available through different providers.

How Much Do Peru Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Most Toll Free numbers are offered for monthly charge. However, the monthly cost varies depending on the provider and type of plan you choose.

Toll Free Bundle Packages

Some providers offer Peru Toll Free numbers already bundled with a certain amount of calling minutes that you’ll use along with your number. These plans are convenient because you’ll know your set monthly cost as long as you don’t exceed your minute usage. However, as the number of calling minutes you require increases, so does the price.

A monthly bundled Peru Toll Free number typically starts around $100 for smaller packages but can easily exceed a few hundred dollars if you require more minutes.

Per Minute Charges

Other providers offer Peru Toll Free numbers for a flat monthly rate. However, you then pay a per minute charge for each calling minute that you use.

The flat monthly rate for the Peru Toll Free number averages around $20. The per minute charge can really vary based on the provider and the originating and terminating charges you’re using for each call.

To get the per minute cost, you add up the originating and terminating charges you’re experiencing for a specific phone call. These are different for each call because they’re based on specific factors about the call.

  • The originating charge is based on where the call is made, while the terminating charge is based on where the call rings (mobile, landline or VoIP).

The provider you choose will have their own specific prices for these charges but typically, the cost per call is no more than a few cents per minute. Usually, per-minute charges are greater for calls received from mobile phones than for calls originating from landlines.

Not all providers offer Peru toll free numbers that can be called from cell phones. True domestic toll free numbers can be called from mobile phones anywhere in the country, but these are not available from all providers.

Toll Free number with a Cloud PBX

Providers may also offer their Peru Toll Free number paired with their Cloud PBX service. A Cloud PBX gives your phone number a variety of capabilities and features like Time of Day Routing, Call Recording and Call Forwarding. In this case, your provider may also offer the Peru Toll Free number for a flat monthly rate, along with the Cloud PBX, and charge you per minute for each of your calls.

For an average of $22 a month, plus a per minute charge, you can have a Peru Toll Free number with a variety of must-have calling features.

If you’re interested in a Peru Toll Free number, really do your homework to decide what you’re looking for in a provider and a calling plan. With such a variety of plans on the market, you’re bound to find a service that works best for you.

True Domestic Toll Free Numbers

Not all providers offer them, but true domestic toll free numbers in Peru offer a significant advantage: they can be called from mobile phones anywhere in Peru.  Most providers only offer international toll free numbers that can be reached by a limited number of mobile phones, but not all.  Be sure to inquire about whether your Peru toll free number can be reached from all mobile phones in Peru.

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