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RespOrg and NASC – What’s the Difference?

RespOrg is the communication carrier responsible for managing your 800 number records. NASC is a process for forcing change of RespOrg.

When a company chooses to switch their toll free number carrier, whether because of prices, carrier reliability, or any other reason, a process called Change of RespOrg, or simply RespOrg, takes place.  NASC can be used to force a transfer when RespOrg won’t work.

RespOrg Process

RespOrg and NASC Processes for Moving Your Toll Free Numbers

RespOrg and NASC Processes for Moving Your Toll Free Numbers

A RespOrg form (Letter of Authorization) is used by the current and new carrier to complete the move of customer toll free numbers.  This form contains the customer’s billing details, the numbers to moved, the ring-to numbers, the signed authorization to move the numbers, and the RespOrg ID numbers of the current and new carriers.  With this written permission from the customer, and assuming cooperation between them, the carrier will generally release the number to the new carrier within three to seven business days.

Sometimes, however, the current carrier could respond with a reason why the number cannot be released.  Usually, this reason is because of an outstanding or unpaid bill, or the toll free number that the customer wants to move is part of a term agreement that is not expired.  If this occurs, the customer should generally try to resolve any differences with the carrier.  However, if the customer is in danger of having the toll free number disconnected and losing any business associated with it, the customer has the option to NASC the number.


A NASC is a forced change of carriers done through the Number Administration Service Center.  For a fee, the number is moved without the cooperation of the current carrier.  Because there is a per-number NASC fee, customers must weigh the cost of paying the disputed amount of money vs. paying the fee NASC their number.  The timeline for NASCing is 24 hours if the numbers are non-operational, and seven to ten business days if the numbers are in service.  Customers must also be aware that NASCing may only be a temporary fix; their previous carrier could NASC the number back at any time.

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