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Enhanced Toll-Free Routing, II: Time of Day Routing

800 Number Time-of-Day Routing

All businesses have regular business hours – but what happens with those after-hours calls? ‘Time-of-day Routing’ of toll free calls can be a very effective tool for managing these types of free phone calls.  An office or a call center could route toll free calls to a specific number or perhaps an overnight call center.  This enhances customer service by ensuring that a customer has ‘live’ interaction with your business instead of leaving a voice mail or simply listening to a message directing them to call back the next day during regular business hours.

Further, evening toll-free calls could be routed by department depending on the type of customer or call:

  • Sales
  • Tech support
  • VIP Assistance

800 Number Follow the Sun, 24-hour Toll Free Service

Another scenario that is common is the routing of toll free calls to maximize customer service and ensure calls are fielded live 24-hours a day. This service is known as ‘Follow the Sun’. Here’s how it works – if a company has offices in Los Angeles, London and Melbourne, the calls could be routed in 8-hour shifts so there would always be an office fielding calls.  No matter what time zone or location a customer is calling from, he would always get in touch with a live representative.

A simpler example might be a company that has offices on both the east and west coast of the US. Early morning calls in the west could be routed to a New York office. While calls in the east after 5pm in New York could be routed to a Los Angeles office.  The advantages of this are maximizing the coverage of live interaction with customers and extending the ‘regular office hours’ of operation without any additional staff hours.

The end goal of toll-free number ‘time-of-day routing’ is to make sure the maximum amount of calls are handled by live operators. You want to interact with your customers whenever possible. Time-of-day routing is the perfect tool to accomplish this.

Next up: Enhance toll-free routing, Part 3: Criteria-Based Routing



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