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Toll Free Numbers in the Travel Industry

One of the industries that has reaped generous benefits from offering its customers toll free numbers is the travel industry. From booking sites to airlines and hotels, the travel industry has experienced an influx of sales calls when they add a toll free number to their online service. Even though we have seen the move to online channels in the last decade, sometimes, people simply want to ask a question and interact with a human before hitting the book button. In addition, you want your customers to be able to call you free of charge when they are most motivated to buy your services.

With new businesses springing up every day, having a toll free number also gives your travel company credibility. It ensures customers that they are calling a reliable company that will make sure their travel experience is great. Customers also get overwhelmed with the number of websites and offers and want clarification that they can only get by speaking to a live person.

With customers’ increasing expectations that your travel company will be able to serve them via multiple channels, it’s essential that your website be accompanies by a toll free number.  Offering your customers a free way to reach you shows that your enterprise is customer oriented and that you care about meeting their needs.

Toll Free Numbers Help Travel Industry Up-Sell

One additional benefit of toll free numbers for the travel industry is that it gives your agents a chance to up-sell customers on additional services or enroll them into your loyalty program. Toll free numbers also offer your travel business the flexibility to grow as your business needs expand. For example, if you want to start targeting the UK, you can simply get a UK toll free number. Later, when you are ready to expand into additional countries, simply call your toll free number provider and add the additional countries of interest.

AVOXI offers toll free numbers from over 100 countries. You get a full hosted PBX system with any toll free number purchase. The free features of the system include: VoIP IVR, call recording, call forwarding, automated call distribution among others.

See a full list of countries where we provide toll free numbers and increase your bookings today!

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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