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Toll Free Phone Number Advantages

Toll free phone numbers energize your marketing campaigns and drive new customers to contact your business. Toll free phone numbers can be very convincing.

You might ask “what can toll free phone numbers offer my business?” Well, toll free phone numbers have a lot of benefits to offer your business. Let’s have a look.

What are the benefits of a toll free phone number? A look at the numbers behind toll free phone numbers tells a convincing story. In America, 90% of consumers say they utilize toll free phone numbers on a regular basis. Customers respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll free phone number. Toll free phone numbers can also help decrease customer product returns by up to 50% by giving consumers a free line of communication to resolve issues over the phone instead of simply returning products.

Toll Free Phone Numbers Offer Convincing Business Benefits.

Toll Free Phone Numbers Offer Convincing Business Benefits

In advertising, vanity 800 numbers (numbers that spell out a service such as 1-800-NEW-CARS)are very effective and extremely popular. These numbers improve consumer recall by up to 84% which was nine times higher than numeric 800 numbers. As a result, 58% of magazine ads contain a vanity 800 number and 82% of those feature the 800 prefix; 72% of billboards and 24% of TV ads utilize vanity 800s.

Toll Free Phone Numbers – Positive Reflection on Your Business

But regardless of which prefix (800, 888, 877, 866 or 855) and whether you utilize a vanity number or a numeric number in advertising, toll free numbers lend a sense of credibility to your business. In fact, 86% of customers will associate a toll free number with the quality of the business products and services. And, a toll free phone number can allow your local business to advertise to a wider audience throughout the country and grow your business.

It might seem that 800 numbers are an outdated approach given the rapid increase in e-commerce. However, the proliferation of cell phones and the calling habits of Americans suggest that is not the case. Over 94% of American homes have telephones and 58% of all Americans 12 and older own a mobile phone. More than a third of these consumers say they make 60 or more toll-free calls per year and 70% of those are business, product purchasing or service related.

So to recap – toll free phone numbers can help increase your business, lend credibility to your products and services, expand your business into new markets, improve advertising recall, and reduce product returns.

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Salvador Stabler

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